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INTA Conference Dallas Day 2

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Saturday May 4, 2013  - Arrival in Dallas

We are here in Dallas Dianne Daley, our colleague and INTA traveling companion Arturo Stewart and myself, Nicole Foga your INTA tour guide. The morning kicks off with the Caribbean Breakfast at 9pm. There are 22 of us from Jamaica, Haiti, Suriname, Barbados, Dominica, Cayman Islands, St.Kitts and Nevis, Angulla, Turks & Caicos Islands, Trinidad &Tobago (T&T). The Annual Caribbean breakfast was started years ago by our colleague the indefatigable Anne-Marie Feanny who was unavoidably absent from INTA for the first time in a decade. We miss you Anne-Marie. This BLOG was started in your honour.

Once the breakfast was over we went our separate ways to meet with agents and colleagues before registration at 12:00pm. I let Dianne meet with a colleague while Arturo and I went to the nearby public park to see bronze sculptures of Texas Longhorns (big cows!) on the recommendation of our colleague Olive Ramchand from T&T who is actually Jamaican by birth and some legal training.

We left the Park and went to registration which was swamped with people. The line was so long that it stretched to the bathroom. As a true Jamaican I was challenged by the length of the line. Dianne was far advanced but I thought jumping the line with Arturo may have pushed tolerable limits of decency. I decided to undertake a reconnaissance mission. You must understand that the length of the line brought back memories of lines when visiting a foreign country! I discovered when I did my advanced scouting of the area that while the self registration line was designed to expedite registration it was intolerably long by any standard while the registration line by contrast was much shorter. I picked up Arturo who had only moved 12 inches from the bathroom since I left him and joined the ordinary registration line and we were soon good to go.

After registration we met with two Australian colleagues who intend to visit Jamaica and returned to our hotel to rest for the start of the Firm receptions at 5:30pm. For those who know me I decided that 2hrs was too much time to rest so I went to explore the area around the hotel. 1 hour later I returned. I liked the modern trolley cars I saw on my adventure but apart from that it was an empty downtown district no convenience stores anywhere. This is a major disappointment!

At 5:00pm left for the Adams & Adams (South African law firm) reception at South Fork....yes that's right, home of JR Ewing. For you youngsters Google it! On Board the shuttle bus that took us to the ranch ( approx 30 minute drive) sat with my good buddy from Cayman Islands Hue Moses formerly of Appleby and we had a great conversation about Dallas, the practice of law and the new KYC requirements. The reception was brilliant. Our hosts were very gracious, we saw real Texas longhorn steer and toured the Ewing home. They even had a room which contained the set for when JR was shot! There was real fake blood!

The food was great, really enjoyed the lamb chops, vegetable samosas and quesidilas. We left at around 7pm and headed to another reception. We called it quits 10:45pm.

End of Day Two


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Nicole Foga is the Managing Partner of FOGA DALEY and also the Firm’s Communications, Media & Technology Partner. Her principal practice areas are Communications, Media and Information Technology. She also provides advice on commercial acquisitions and mergers involving intellectual property and technology. Nicole is frequently requested to advise on commercial investments in the Jamaican telecommunications sector and assist in developing and implementing successful lobbying strategies for new businesses.

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