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INTA Conference Dallas Day 4

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Monday March 6, 2013 - Day 4

We began by taking the INTA shuttle to the convention center only to realize on arrival that the Opening Ceremony was being held at the Omni Hotel. After brisk walking we made it to the Ballroom for the opening. The Guest speaker Jerry Jones owner of the Dallas Cowboys was both humorous and engaging as he told us how he developed the Cowboy franchise which he bought in 1989 into the second most valuable sports brand in the world. Manchester United is the number 1 brand.

I then attended in the same Ballroom as the opening ceremony the Session on Social Media: Sidestepping Problems and Pitfalls. When that session finished I rushed over to the Exhibit Hall to examine a few booths and then rushed back for the next session Do We Launch: Assessment of the new gTLD Program. After this I found Dianne Daley and we headed for the Millen White, Zelano & Branigan luncheon at the Union Station which was terrific. Great food and award winning beer. We met some new colleagues, were encouraged to go to Hong Kong, participated in a review of the previous days receptions and discussed the upcoming receptions that could not be missed. After this we rushed (a word used frequently at INTA) back for the next session with start time 3:30 pm. My session was Trademark Bullying. I reserve comment on this topic/concept as it appears did the rest of the attendees of the session as when it came time for Q&A no one had any questions.

With the sessions over we headed off to the various receptions. Monday tends to be the most packed day for firm hosted receptions. We began at 5pm by attending the Knobbe Martens reception at the W Hotel, I think on the 33rd Floor. It was a nice reception. We left that reception and went to the Iron Cactus Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar for another reception only to discover that we mixed up the days and the reception is on Tuesday.We were not deterred and simply moved on to the next reception which was held at the Sambuca Restaurant hosted by Honigman. Yet another great reception with wonderful food and drinks. We left that reception went to another and then attended the Haynes Boone reception at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Special mention to our friend Phil now the Managing Partner of the firms Washington Office. I have included pictures. Food as usual wonderful catered by ....who else Wolfgang Puck.

At this point I need to bring up the issue of taxis. Dallas has tons of taxis but as I heard one attendee remark they do not appear to know the city. Our cab driver had to use GPS to find the Perot museum!

Our colleague Joanne Wood Rattray and her husband Robin encouraged us to attend the Groth & Co. Reception at the Dallas Aquarium. Excellent reception hosted by A Swedish law firm. For every guest who attended they contributed to a charity in Africa. We saw Manatees, sea snakes, tarantulas, and even penguins...go figure.

We left that reception, and moved to the Arent Fox reception at the Tower Club. Another great view of the Dallas skyline at night. After that we were off to the Merchant & Gould reception. After some dancing we called it quits at 11:30pm.


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Nicole Foga is the Managing Partner of FOGA DALEY and also the Firm’s Communications, Media & Technology Partner. Her principal practice areas are Communications, Media and Information Technology. She also provides advice on commercial acquisitions and mergers involving intellectual property and technology. Nicole is frequently requested to advise on commercial investments in the Jamaican telecommunications sector and assist in developing and implementing successful lobbying strategies for new businesses.

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