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International Opposition Guide

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Jamaica: International Opposition Guide Comparative Practice and Procedures

International Opposition Guide: Comparative Practice and Procedures is an exclusive service provided to INTA members that offers a searchable database of country profiles on the structure of trademark opposition practice and procedure. Foga Daley IP Partner Dianne Daley contributed the Jamaica Chapter.

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Jamaica: Pfizer Loses Appeal

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Jamaica: Pharmaceutical companies score another victory as Pfizer loses appeal

The Foga Daley Partners discuss recent developments in the Pfizer case in their article published in IP Value 2013: Building and Enforcing Intellectual Property Value.

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New Book: A Shifting Empire

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The 1911 Copyright Act was the first globalising copyright law of the 20th century. This book is the first to trace not only the history of the Act, but also its legislative impact on national copyright laws in 9 countries, and the consequences of this transplantation of the law in a modern context.