INTA Conference - My Experience

INTA Conference - My Experience

Friday May 3, 2013  - Travel to Dallas

Flight was delayed for almost an hour but pilot made up time. Landed in Miami to be greeted by a line to go into Immigration :-(
After 40 minutes in line and no where near completion one of our colleagues who was even further behind than us (having got a seat near the trunk of the plane!) enquired how long it would take. He was assured that if he had a 3hr connection time he would be okay. Not having a 3hr connection...closer to 1hr and 30 minutes there was a problem. Thankfully the official intervened and we were all put in faster lines. Only spent 1hr all told and we managed to make our flight.

On approaching Dallas airport when we looked out the Window in GIANT flashing red lights we could see a sign: INTA. By the time we got our bags, went with a colleague to rent a car, got slightly lost and reached the Hotel it was 11:10. Check-in was speedy but my room is on the 32nd floor.Nice if you like heights and have a spare parachute in case of emergencies.

End of Day One.

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Nicole Foga is the Managing Partner of FOGA DALEY and also the Firm’s Communications, Media & Technology Partner. Her principal practice areas are Communications, Media and Information Technology. She also provides advice on commercial acquisitions and mergers involving intellectual property and technology. Nicole is frequently requested to advise on commercial investments in the Jamaican telecommunications sector and assist in developing and implementing successful lobbying strategies for new businesses.

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