Foga Daley is a dynamic boutique law firm, focused on intellectual property and communications law, that integrates the use of technology with the delivery of high quality legal services.


Established in 2000 as a millenium firm by its founding partners Nicole Foga and Dianne Daley under the name Foga Daley & Co. the Firm was the first boutique Intellectual Property and Telecommunications law firm in Jamaica. Foga Daley is a boutique law firm which focuses on handling complex commercial matters involving intellectual property rights, communications and information technology. The Firm changed its name to simply Foga Daley in October 2008 and has expanded its commercial practice to include debt recovery, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate transactions.


The Founding Partners of Foga Daley have a unique blend of legal, policy, academic and administrative experience in their core areas of the practice as well as advanced law degrees covering the fields of intellectual property, environmental law and international transactions and over 35 years combined experience as Attorneys-at-Law.

Solutions-Oriented Facilitators

Foga Daley has made client care its raison d’être and integrity its hallmark. Cognizant of the individuality of each client and through personalized care and attention, the Firm is committed to finding the most appropriate solutions for its clients, garnered from its understanding of the social, political and business environments in which the client operates.

The Firm services a broad client base including International associations, multinational companies, regional organizations, small businesses and individuals. The Firm encourages pro-bono services among its lawyers and staff as part of its civic responsibility.

Technologically Driven

Foga Daley leverages its knowledge of communications technology in the delivery of its services to ensure that all its clients’ needs are addressed expeditiously and efficiently.